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Sessions are 1 hour long and include a warm up, full body workout and a cool down and stretches.


The training style is typically HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) due to its effectiveness in weight loss and overall increased fitness. However if what you want is running buddy or another style of training altogether I am happy to discuss it.


Your first session will include an assessment of your levels of strength and fitness so I know how best to train you and then your journey starts from there, working your way up towards your personal goals. With a friendly, knowledgeable and motivating approach MoveHuman's primary focuses beside your goals are postural correction, correct form in movement, and strength that counts i.e. a functional, well coordinated body.

At first most training will be done with your own bodyweight and as the sessions progress various, easy to use equipment like kettlebells, slam balls and TRX will be introduced to make you fitter, faster and stronger.

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