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Personal Training


Our modern, sitting based lifestyle of desk-work, driving and T.V. watching has left many people with a poor level of fitness. Regular exercise has been proven not only to improve overall health but also mood, sleep, confidence and general wellbeing and more.
MoveHuman is all in the name - I specialise in bodyweight circuit training to bring strength, functionality, fat loss, muscle gain and balance to the body. Training takes place outside in the fresh air in parks or the woods or I can train you in your home.
Within the training no attention is spared on you as an individual, your needs and your goals. Each session is tailored specifically for your capability whether you have never done any exercise or whether you want advanced training to take you to a whole new level. Over the course of your training your progress will be tracked and the session's difficulty will increase accordingly to ensure you do not plateau.
Each 1hr session includes a full warm up, full body workout and stretches. For more information on sessions click HERE and for pricing click HERE.


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Wake up and Workout.


Will Laverton



Will is an NRPT registered, Level 3 qualified personal trainer working in London.


Brought up on the coast in Cornwall he enjoyed an active and adventurous childhood. This has translated into a love for the outdoors, physical fitness, self improvement and a devotion to helping others achieve their own personal goals.


In his training Will focuses not only on developing a stronger body but also in cultivating self motivation and confidence. 



If you are interested in training and wish to make a booking or specific enquiry please do not hesitate to contact Will on the below number or email.

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